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What is AirBrushing Nailart - Its an elegant nailart experience

Airbrushing is a painting technique which uses an airbrush to give an even and consistent surface, often used to create a high level of realism

Quickest Way To Flawlessness - Less is More - No Need Of Blending - One Device - No More Washing Brushes

Airbrushing is a nail art technique that involves spraying liquids, usually paint, on the surface of the nail or nail tip using an atomizer powered by compressed air

At MO Nails we use MO Gel, Samantha Nail Polish, Metallica Liquid Chrome to spray and create amazing elegant nailart 

When you decide to add this skill/technique to your nail salon the we advise to attend our "HOW to AIRBRUSH Professionaly" nail course module 

We teach you not only how to use your your new AIRBRUSH MAchine but most important how to maintain and clean your AirBrush Machine to ensure 

easy flow of product. 

Nailart is a lovely skill & when you start using an AIRBRUSH you will not only love using it but your clients will love the results too 

AirBrushing adds income & style to a Nail SALON 

BOOK your 'HOW to AIRBRUSH Professionaly' today