About Us

We are a new, hands on Company with you the professional technician in mind. Being an active nail technician myself for the last 22 years I wanted to develop a product that was user friendly, safe and long lasting on the end user.  

The best quality guaranteed beauty products originate from France and now MO Nails is launching a new brand, as a key to open the door to a new world of green fashion for beauty enthusiasts to show their stylish new attitude. Our Research and Development team will continue to deliver affordable, innovated, quality products to the professional.

MO Nails Pure Gel is 100% active-ingredient, and Soak-Off LED/UV nail gel. It is absolutely free of solvents, enabling you to pursue beauty and fashion without sacrificing health.

All MO Nails Gels are 100% VEGAN, animal cruelty FREE, and “12 Free” NON TOXIC.

Nail art is an important part of fashion. Colorful nails interpret the feminine charms. Colorful fingertips match millions of styles being it intellectual or elegant, unique, sweet and cute. Nails are the Ultimate fashion accessory.

MO Nails offers you a collection of over than a 500 colors. Each one represents a special feeling by nature creating mysterious shades in the masterworks of great artists.  All our colors are inspired by the latest fashion trends. Every nail-art-fan will find her exclusive colors in the MO Nails collection.

Our Nail art creating gels are eco-friendly products, developed for the professional nail artist. You can create Gems, 3D or Embossed designs without inhaling any fumes. They are long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

With the most important philosophy in mind of Safety, Health and the environment, MO Nails was created. We will continue to create and add to our range new quality, eco-friendly products.

MO Nails quotes ” I AM NOT A COMMON GEL POLISH!  I am a BREATH of FRESH AIR, I am the REAL friend of Nail Artists!”

Each year goes by and MO ECO Nails grows its range following Fashion trends and customer demand 

Our latest edition of ECO products, the MO MACRO Structure Gel was a great achievement. 

...and the future will bring us more variety of PLANTme - The ULTIMATE achievement of Plant Base gel Polish 

We will keep adding to our about us as we go 

With 3 awards & voted the best Vegan Nail Care Brand for 2 years in a row we are thankful to You our supporting clients for making our sustainable, ECO, Vegan and CRUELTY FREE dream possible 

with Love