YES we did it, once again we are bringing you a NEW addition to our ECO Family

MO MACRO Structure Gel is an incredibly flexible material for shaping & strengthening the natural nail

With MO MACRO Structure Gel you are getting 2 systems in one tube, a gel system & molding nail system

A pleasure to work with, MO MACRO Structure Gel can be used by Nail masters as well as by beginners with the right training

Known too many as ‘Polygel’ and now brought to you in our ECO formula

You will fall in love with its 14 shades, its excellent longevity, ease of filing & shaping and the feeling of lightness yet super strong

Perfect product for Dual Nail forms & Sculptured Extensions

Ombre French manicure finish is a dream come true with MO MACRO Structure Gel

Perfect Nails every time with MO ECO Products