MO PRO Stainless Steel Foot File with Disp.Grits

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350.00 Grams
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Pedicure tools are used all year round so therefore you want them strong and long lasting

We have brought you a Top Quality Stainless Steel Foot File that is washable, sterilizable, no rusting, and the best are the

disposable stick-on two grit patches! The Stainless Steel PRO Foot File is sturdy so no bending like the plastic ones do.

With this way you will always guarantee your clients hygiene and safety in your salon.

A good reputation of Health & Safety is every Nail Salons dream

Therefore you must invest in good Pedi Tools!

Our new addition of Stainless Steel Foot File is wide and has a good length to reach all foot sizes

The replaceable grit file patches are available to buy in bulk and come in a set of two, fine & course

Get your Stainless Steel Foot File today, you will only need one per pedicure station & a bag of disposable grits!

Look after it and you will only need to replace it maybe next year!

The Disposable grits come in packs of 10pairs