MO PLANTme ICE Milky Gel Polish - 15ml

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60.00 Grams
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Its here ... MO PLANTme ICE Milky Gel Polish - its a Color to fall in Love with

The MO PLANTme formula is slowly replacing all our old color codes and improving too

We bringing you a new shade that has a ICE Milky white coverage, high pigment, no shrinking, no streaks, no discoloring, guaranteed long lasting results.

This is a all year round Color - a color your client will definitely ask for all year round

Think of Milk, think of smooth, soft but ICE color

This creamy nail color lies somewhere between white and ICE, if you prefer a manicure that goes with literally everything, milky nails is a great choice

What is the difference between white and milky white nails?  The milky nails look falls in between an opaque and a sheer white, with a creamy, translucent finish
This color is the perfect neutral that isn't as bright as a sharp white, giving a very naturally chic look that is perfect for any season

A must have Color for every salon


* part of our new PLANTme formula - the future of Nail Care