MO PLANTme CAT EYE Collection Gel Polish color - 15ml


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a NEW Color Collection has arrived - MO PLANTme CATEYE Gel Polish colors

Our CATEYE Color Collection is warm, trendy, and a mix of shimmers and reflective

Cat Eye manicure has earned its name from the narrow line of light that shimmers in the middle of the nail polish. resembling the eye of a cat, a heart or any creative design you can think of
The cat eye gel nails effect has captured the best elements of a few of today's biggest nail trends
They're a little bit glittery, a little bit metallic, but they also have a minimalist and luxurious vibe to them that makes them easy to wear across nail shapes, skin tones, and styles
Is cat eye gel polish safe? When it comes to your nails, safety is paramount. MO Nails PLANTme Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish is non-toxic and has no odor, ensuring a pleasant and worry-free application experience. It is suitable for use on natural nails, gel nails, poly gel nails, etc.

Directions: Prep your natural nail, apply MO Overlay Base Gel, cure, apply MO PLANTme CATEYE Collection and work your magic with a CAT EYE Magnet & cure. You can make it 1 coat or 2 coats as desired and finish off with MO Metallica non-wipe Top Coat or MO MACRO non-wipe Top Coat 


*ps: falls under our new PLANTme formula