MO Pink Gold Gel Brush Collection 12's

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300.00 Grams
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Our all new Pink Gold Gel Brush Collection set is made with Vegan & Cruelty Free materials 
The handles are smooth & the body alloy. High quality Brush tips stay soft and flexible during application, but also sturdy enough to not bend or split with application pressure 
Brush tips are trimmed and shaped neatly, fine point or sharp edge to prevent splitting and brush body is comfortable and easy to hold, 
This Gel Brush Pen Collection is ideal for the Professional Nail Artist, for Gel application, drawing fines lines, short strokes, small details and art design 
This brushes are long lasting, Non-Deformation and Non-Corroding 
Each Gel Brush pen has a cap for Protection. They are strong enough to push and shape product during application, and at the same time great flexible to give you fine finishing touches 
Always thoroughly rinse a new brush with liquid cleanser before first use and after every processing session. Towel/Nail wipe dry to remove as much moisture as possible and reshape before storing 
Our Pink Gel Brush Collection has a brush for every application & design
From thin stripping brushes, one stroke, slant french, 3D Gel, Round & Flat gel application brush various sizes 
A well equipped set of Gel Brush Pens for the active Nail artist