MO Overlay Base Gel - Mermaid Collection 15ml


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Our MO Best Seller Overlay Base Coat Gel Collection is growing and innovating into more colors and styles 

MO Overlay Base Gel is a base gel that goes directly on the natural nail, no Primer or Bonders are needed 

It is self-leveling and provides a firm foundation to nail enhancements

Has a strong adhesion which will minimize any gel lifting problems

It can be applied on the natural nail as a clear color layer or now with our big selection of colors you can minimize your time by half if your client likes the MO Overlay Color then all you need is to apply it twice and then finish off with Top Coat 

It will maintain high shine and will not discolor

It is strong but at the same time flexible, easy to soak–off without any damage to the natural nail

Available in original 7 shades: Clear, Rose, Crème, Naïve, Milky White, Milky Shimmer & Black Slate

and the two NEW Collections, MO Overlay Sheer & MO Overlay Mermaid totaling 25 colors  

Cures in 30 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV Light 

So versatile, it is a Base Gel, & can also be used as a color 


Prep natural nail, cleanse

Apply 1st coat of MO Overlay Base & cure in lamp 

Proceed to color or extensions or sculptures 

Or if you like the colors of your Base coat, you may proceed with a 2nd coat of MO Overlay Base Gel & cure in lamp 

Finish off with non-wipe Top Coat 

Longevity nailset guaranteed 


Note: Colors shown might differ from the originals. True colors for advertising purposes cannot be reproduced 100%. For 100% true color samples you can purchase a color chart collection.


* 12free & HEMA free