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Three Cuticle Oils -
Lavender - Rose - Lemon
Infused Cuticle Oil is the moisturizer applied on the cuticles of nails.
Cuticle Oil possesses Citric acid and Vitamins as it is natural and absorbing.
It is made by combining natural ingredients such as Botanical & essential oils, common oils and butters.
It is helpful for nail problems such as excess cuticle, cracked nails, fungal infections, dryness and ingrown nail.
Cuticle oil moisturizes cuticle deeply.
It promotes circulation in the nail bed and stimulates new nail growth.


For Healthy Cuticles: Clean skin and dry thoroughly. Apply with brush daily to cuticle and surrounding tissue. For best results use daily for 4 weeks.

For Nail Conditioner: Apply to nails and massage into nail bed. For best results use daily for 4 weeks.

For Nail Polish Dryer: Apply nail polish and top coat as usual, wait for polish to set, apply cuticle oil and your nail polish will dry instantly.