MO Nails Callus Eliminator

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140.00 Grams
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MO Nails Callus Eliminator is formulated to break down calluses in seconds by application to the tough or overgrown area. Professional use only. Attention should be directed to the label for proper use and handling of this product.

  • Callus Eliminator is a highly effective natural antimicrobial solution with deep penetrating formulas.
  • Glycolic Acid combined with deep skin penetrating eucalyptus oil and botanical extracts will break down hardened, callused skin while eliminating cracks.
  • If used on the entire surface of the foot, it enhances the skin’s natural process, speeding exfoliation of itchy, dried skin.
  • Dimensions: 4.3 cm (diameter) x 13.5 cm (height)

Directions: After soaking feet, pat dry and apply Callus Eliminator generously to calluses and dry area on foot. Wrap foot and let sit for 5 minutes. Remove calluses using your preferred method. Repeat procedure on the other foot. Follow with MO Foot Scrub for best results.