MO Foot Salts - Mango


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MO Nails has created a beautiful collection of salts to make your pedicure treatment unforgettable. Super fizzy, luscious smelling, bright and beautiful, we take pedicure time seriously. Settle in for a good soak with an original natural invention, exploding with essential oil and tons of fizzy skin soothing properties. Our salts will relax and soothe your feet and skin! 

Mango Foot Salts: 

Mango Salts contain Mango Oil and it provides a lot of benefits to your health that go even further than skin deep. Mango Oil is also exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that are wonderful for sustaining healthy hair and skin. This soothing oil moisturizes your skin and strengthens your nails.

Directions: Warm water and One tablespoon per pedicure treatment is more than enough to transfer the goodness of a natural foot soak. the Foot Salts can be used together with MO Flower Soap Flowers for a rich infused foot soak Pedicure