MO Coconut Sugar Gel Polish 15ml

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MO Nails brings us closer to nature and with this we think of Fruit and Tropical places 
MO Coconut Sugar Gel Polish with coconut like pieces, flicks of sugar & tiny gold sprinkles will complete this feeling on any nail style 
MO Coconut Sugar Gel Polish will give you a lace effect over an Overlay Base Color, Duet Builder Gel Color and or MO MACRO Structure Gel 
Now the next step is let your imagination run wild and start designing 
We are totally in love with it 
So what Products did we use for this tropical look: 
PLANTme White PM1, PLANTme Black PM2, MO Meteorite Design Gel, Colors MIA10, MIA17, MO203, MO126, MO81
MO65, MO Velvet Matte Top, MO Pandaisia White PG1, and finishing MO MACRO non-wipe Top Coat and MO Nailart Pink Gold Brushes 
Prep natural nail, apply MO Overlay Base gel & cure 
Apply 1st layer of MO Coconut Sugar Gel & cure 
Apply 2nd layer of MO Coconut Sugar Gel & cure 
Finish off with MO Metallica Top Coat or MO MACRO Top Coat (both are non wipe) 
and your finished result is Beautiful 
NOW available online or at your local Distributor 
* 12free & HEMA free