MO MACRO Structure Forms/Capsules in 10 Styles


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MO MACRO Structure PolyGel Forms/Capsules are now available in 10 Styles

Do you want to create perfect Sculptures then our Dual Tips are all you need

Available in 10 different styles – A style for all

Very versatile and easy to use

Prep the natural nail – Dry manicure

Cleanse the nail bed and apply a layer of MO Overlay Base Gel & cure

Apply desired amount of MO Macro Structure PolyGel to nail Capsule/Form, even it out using an orange stick &/or PolyGel brush and smoothen it out with PolyGel Liquid

Apply Dual Tip to nail base carefully and press lightly

Clean away any excess product with your wet PolyGel brush

Cure in LED/UV for 60sec

Carefully remove the nail Capsule/Form and buff & file into the desired shape

Your nail extension is now ready to start the finishing process

You can just add MO MACRO non-wipe TOP Coat or you can add gel polish color

Use your imagination for the finishing design

Long lasting nail system guaranteed