MO Nails Foot Mask

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514.00 Grams
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  • With Eucalyptus Oil and Peppermint Oil being the main ingredients of our Foot Mask, MO Nails bring you a professional Spa range which is both antiseptic and anti-flammatory
  • This combination brings you cooling, penetrating properties to relieve tired and stiff feet as well as sore muscles and joints
  • Our range is enhanced with botanical extracts, conditioning agents making our Foot Mask a therapeutic crème designed to soften and hydrate your feet
  • Dimensions: 9 cm (diameter) x 10 cm (height)

Instructions: Apply a small amount of Foot Mask to cover the entire foot and leg from the knee down. Let the client rest for 10min before removing. Pamper your client’s feet with our Foot Crème hydrating moisturizer.