MO Nails Duet Gel 15ml

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20.00 Grams
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Mo Nails Duet Gel is our top seller Builder Gel
It is strong and fast
It soaks off easy
It is easy to drill of with Electric nail file and with minimum dust
No Duet Gel is available in a bottle
Making it very easy to apply an added strength layer to any nail type
Shape the natural nail
Extended the natural nail
One layer of MO Duet Gel is enough to build or shape the nail
Cures in 30sec in LED or 2min in UV
Has minimal odor and the new 'cool-cure' formula
Available in 5 colors, Clear, Milky, Naive, Rose and Pink


Before applying MO Nails Duet Gel on the nail, use MO Nails Gel Polish Base or MO Nails Overlay Gel first on the natural nail always

One layer is sufficient for added nail strength

Easy and fast to use for nail extensions or repairing broken corners etc.

You will love it!


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